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Hard Baits

Crashing a deep-diving crankbait into the brush or the drop of a rocky ledge at depths of 15 to 20 feet triggers reaction strikes from bass holding tight to the cover. A lipless crankbait is a good choice for fishing deep because it can be run at various speeds to catch bass at different depths or yo-yoed off the bottom for bass at the lowest levels.


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Soft Baits

The versatility of a soft plastic lure allows me to catch bass from the top to the bottom and any depth in between. When bass are schooling over deep water and busting shad, a soft plastic jerk bait with a nail weight inserted into the lure’s nose is ideal for catching bigger bass lurking below the baitfish.



Get The Gear

Dye Sublimation is the next level in custom shirts .  Some of the benefits of this cutting-edge process include:
  • A permanent graphic imprint that will never crack or fade.
  • Dye does not build upon the garment.  Fabric remains breathable and comfortable.
  • Unlimited colors. Graphics are sharp and eye-catching.
  • Truly continuous tones that are equivalent to photographs.
  • Full coverage graphics from edge to edge.  Our cut & sew team constructs each garment after printing to achieve this result.
  • Works great with performance dry-fit fabrics.
  • Custom names are achievable with minimal setup.

Terminal Tackle

Bass Sense Youtube Channel



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